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Fuel Application:
0.5 Percent Sulfur Blended Fuels, RMG 180, RMG 380, RMG 700, RMK 380, RMK 500, RMK 700

Dose Rate:
One Liter per 30 mt. (1:30000 treat ratio). One 208-liter drum treats 6,240 mt. Treat tank direct before bunkering.
Emergency dose rate is one liter per 10 mt.

Newport FOT is for use in all blended heavy fuels, from 0.5% sulfur blends – to all heavy fuel designations under ISO 8217.

Newport FOT is an exceptionally strong dispersant which separates and disperses heavy asphaltene components, gums, resins and paraffin to provide optimum fuel homogenization. Stratification is prevented, and sludge reduced 35-50 percent and more. Fuel injector spray patterns are optimized, providing more complete combustion.


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For your kind information, our worldwide availability for now:
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