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SL2017-653/PRP MAN B&W Accumulators - All Makes


SL2017-653/PRP MAN B&W Accumulators - All Makes

We refer to our service letter SL2006-469 concerning accumulators.
The information in this letter and in the instructions attached replaces the information given in our service letter SL06-469/JOF.
To prevent undesirable pressure peaks in the hydraulic oil system, we emphasise the importance of checking the nitrogen pressure regularly, which according to the instruction manual means every 2,000 hours or every 6 months, whichever occurs first.

Please ensure that the checking procedure is carried out only when the engine is in the Finished with Engine-mode and the hydraulic system is without pressure.
The nitrogen pressure must be kept within the limits specified below:

Nominal hydraulic pressure 200 bar 300 bar
Nitrogen charge pressure at 20ºC* 95 bar 136 bar
Minimum nitrogen pressure at 20ºC* 65 bar 106 bar

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