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SL2017-650/SRJ Guiding Overhaul Intervals


SL2017-650/SRJ Guiding Overhaul Intervals

Based on the latest service experience and engine development we are pleased to issue a revised version
of the Guiding Overhaul Intervals tables. The guiding overhaul intervals apply to electronically controlled ME type engines, dual fuel ME-GI type engines, and me - chanically controlled MC type engines.

Longer overhaul intervals can be obtained with a condition-based overhaul strategy. The means to obtain and document this are described in SL07-483/HRR.

In addition, it must be noted that the application of, for example, WHR, EGB, EGR and SCR will affect the heat load on the combustion chamber components. The above factors as well as fuel qualities and slow steaming may have an impact on the overhaul intervals of  especially, but not exclusively, the exhaust valve parts.

All stated overhaul intervals are total engine running hours regardless of fuel type (HFO, MGO or gas)..

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