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Engineering the future two-stroke green-ammonia engine


Engineering the future two-stroke green-ammonia engine

Green ammonia produced from renewable sources is a strong candidate to a future compliant fuel.This paper describes the development, benefits and application of the future ammonia-propulsion solution which includes: the MAN B&W two-stroke engine designed to operate on ammonia, the LFSS, and even two-stroke ammonia-fuelled gensets.

Considering that the goal of IMO is to reduce the total annual GHG emission by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 and, eventually, fully eliminate harmful emissions, the global maritime industry has to look into carbon-free fuels like hydrogen and ammonia. For technical reasons neither hydrogen fuel cells nor batteries seem to be realistic fuel scenarios in a near future for trans-oceangoing vessels. Ammonia constitutes a disruptive energy storage solution that can be produced using existing synthesis methods and storage solutions, and therefore has the potential to enter the market relatively quickly.

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