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DUQ1-176E Piston Ring Specifications for Modern Engines


DUQ1-176E Piston Ring Specifications for Modern Engines

With the increasing engine power and the recent change in the situation for engine operation, for example, popularization of low load operation, reducing cylinder oil consumption, degrading heavy fuel oil, and so on, required performance of piston ring becomes increasingly sophisticated.

Meanwhile requests to extend piston overhaul interval and to implement condition based maintenance are increasing.
To respond these requests, DU recommends applying recent piston ring packages introduced in this service information for modern engines.

2. Recent piston ring package
3. Piston ring type
3-2. Molybdenum-based composite spray coating (MBF) rings
3-3. Running-in coating (RC) rings
3-4. Gas tight piston rings (GT)
4. Criteria for replacement of piston rings
5. Measurement of coating thickness

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