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High Modulus Synthetic Fibre (HMSF) Mooring Ropes

Mooring-rope A SIGTTO Working Group on High Modulus Synthetic Fibre is a joint initiative involving both SIGTTO and the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF). It was established, by SIGTTO, at the 66th GPC meeting in October 2012.

SIGTTO announced that this WG has completed its task. The document was published in February 2014 and is available as a free download on the websites of SIGTTO and the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF). SIGTTO would like to thank the WG members for their time and effort in compiling the guidance and bringing this project to fruition.

The working group was comprised of representatives from member companies of SIGTTO and OCIMF. In addition, rope manufacturers and suppliers, represented by the industry associations Cordage Institute and the European Federation of Rope, Twine and Netting Industries (EUROCORD), have provided valuable technical contributions.

Source: SIGTTO