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Load Dependent Cylinder Liner (LDCL) Cooling Water System

Cylinder liner cold corrosion is counteracted by raising the temperature of the exposed parts of the cylinder liner within permissible limits by making modifications to the cylinder liner design and by making changes of the cooling water system.
The latter is done by introducing the new Load Dependent Cylinder Liner (LDCL) cooling water system.

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DUQ1-003E Troubleshoot of remote control system

Whenever the troubles for the remote control system have occurred the cause of trouble to be checked by suitable process not to be checked at random. This service information is made based on the trouble which have been reported in the past from many delivered ships.

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SL2016-627/MIKA Tightening of Roller Guide Housing

MAN Diesel & Turbo has received reports of incidents of the roller guide housing in service. Such incidents often lead to consequential damage to the frame surface on which the housing is fixed.

The root cause of these incidents is the bolt connection between the housing and frame.

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SL2016-632/AAB Alpha Lubricator Service Experience

This service letter applies to MAN B&W two-stroke marine diesel engines of the MC/MC-C type.
Furthermore, the aim of the service letter is to address the service issues that have come to our attention, as well as to introduce service kits for the Alpha lubrication system.

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SL2017-648/JNN New Gasket Material for Roller Guide Housing

With SL2016-627 we introduced a 10 mm washer and longer installation bolts for the roller guide housing as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of incidents caused by insuffi cient tightening of the installation bolts. A few roller guide housing incidents have been reported even after introduction of the above-mentioned washer and bolt update.

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L2017-649/JNN Checking and cleaning of condensate drain trap in charge air drain system

The amount of condensate water during operation may be considerable, and must be given special attention when operating in areas with
high humidity as well as under tropical conditions. For estimation of the condensate amount in relation to the actual operation condition, we

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DUQ1-176E Piston Ring Specifications for Modern Engines

With the increasing engine power and the recent change in the situation for engine operation, for example, popularization of low load operation, reducing cylinder oil consumption, degrading heavy fuel oil, and so on, required performance of piston ring becomes increasingly sophisticated.

Meanwhile requests to extend piston overhaul interval and to implement condition based maintenance are increasing.

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