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The information contained in these Guidelines should be regarded as guidance in achieving an efficient and effective system for the handling of oily bilge water and oily residues for new buildings and, where applicable and reasonable, for ships which are in service.

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Product Safety Warning Total Solutions & Power (TSP) accumulators

We refer to our Product Safety Warning Letter SL2016-614/PRP of May 2016, where we informed you about incidents reported with TSP accumulators which have suffered from breakage.

Such incidents pose a serious potential threat to property and persons and may even result in bodily injuries and/or fatal casualties.

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Guiding Overhaul Intervals SL2017-643/SRJ

Based on the latest service experience and engine development we are pleased to issue a revised version of the Guiding Overhaul Intervals tables. The guiding overhaul intervals apply to electronically controlled ME type engines, dual fuel ME-GI type engines, and mechanically controlled MC types engines.

Note that the intervals given in the tables apply only to engines with so-called high topland pistons.

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Overhaul Strategy ME/ME-C and ME-B Engines

This service letter provides recommendations on a detailed overhaul strategy, monitoring and update of the ME specific components of MAN B&W two-stroke engines (ME/ME-C and ME-B) based on approximately 10 years of service experience.

The aim is to facilitate planning and implementation of available upgrades with focus on areas primarily related to 5-year dockings.

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Guidance on application of CSS Code Annex 14 for Panamanian containerships

Instructions from the Administration of Panama regarding IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1352/Rev.1 (CSS Code Annex 14) were announced in ClassNK Technical Information No. TEC-1097 dated 28 December 2016.

The Administration has updated MERCHANT MARINE CIRCULAR MMC-340, including their additional guidance on the application of relevant requirements to existing containerships, as attached.

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ANNEX 1 RESOLUTION MEPC.252(67) Adopted on 17 October 2014

2.5.2 If a ship has violated the BWM Convention, the PSCO may take steps to warn, detain or exclude the ship or grant such a ship permission to leave to discharge ballast water
elsewhere or seek repairs.

The PSCO should use professional judgment to determine whether to detain the ship until any noted deficiencies are corrected, or to permit a ship to sail with deficiencies that do not pose an unreasonable threat of harm to the marine environment, human health, property or resources (see notification requirements in paragraphs 3.3 to 3.6 below).

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All versions of the engine families listed below :
L+V32/40, L+V32/44, L+V35/44, L+V40/54, L+V48/60, L+V51/60, L58/64

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