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Reducing the risk of propulsion loss

The purpose of this lesson is to provide general guidance and practical advice to marine engineers and ship owners on blackout and main engine failures, the risks associated with propulsion loss and the precautions to manage these risks.

Mooring Risk Assessments

The Shipowners Club issued the latest in a series of risk assessment articles emphasizing on risk assessments from mooring and unmooring operations.  In 2016, the Club has experienced a high volume of claims which arose from three main areas of causation:

Swedish Club launches guide on cargo fires

The consequences of a fire on board can be catastrophic, and all those who have worked on board a vessel are aware of the difficulties involved with managing a fire and the crucial importance of fire prevention. The guide focuses on self-heating, explaining the principles of self-heating, and investigating several types of cargo fires and explosions including those in bulk cargoes, containers and tankers. (source Swedish Club).