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Capital Ship Management Corp. is Awarded the “Best Oil Tanker Management Specialists – Europe” Sea Transport Award 2018

csm 2018Athens, Greece, April 24, 2018. Capital Ship Management Corp. was awarded the “Best Oil Tanker Management Specialists – Europe” Sea Transport Award 2018 by UK publication “Transport News” and AI Global Media Ltd. «in order to pay further homage to those whose extraordinary work accomplishments have created a storm within the industry».

Those whose outstanding accomplishments provide a vital service to the sea transportation industry, worthy of grand recognition.
With roughly 90% of everything we buy arriving by ship, marine transport is a vital industry. Despite this, it is often over looked. The 2018 Sea Transport Awards showcases those who despite hardship, still provide an impeccable standard of service both inland and on the high seas. With more and more committed workers coming to the fore every year, it is now more important than ever to reward these individuals.

About Capital Ship Management Corp.
Capital Ship Management Corp. (a subsidiary of Capital Maritime & Trading Corp.) is a distinguished oceangoing vessel operator, offering comprehensive services in every aspect of ship management. The Capital Maritime Group currently operates a fleet of 74 vessels with a total dwt of 9 million tons approx. The fleet under management includes the vessels of Nasdaq-listed Capital Product Partners L.P.

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