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SKF destroys 15 tons of fake bearings

Counterfeit bearings with a market value of approximately EUR 1.000.000 were destroyed in Greece, following the successful completion of legal proceedings commenced in 2009.

skf scrapSKF has recently completed legal proceedings against a dealer of counterfeit bearings in Greece. Initiated in 2009, a total of 15 tons of counterfeit SKF bearings were seized as part of a raid at a dealer’s warehouse in the area of Piraeus, with whom SKF had no business relationship during these years. The bearings have now officially been declared counterfeit by the Greek courts system, resulting in their destruction.

The raid in 2009 resulted in the seizure of 17,000 pieces of counterfeit rolling bearings, with a total weight of 15 tons and a market value of over EUR 1,000,000 These have now been destroyed at a metal recycling facility in Greece, by crushing them in a scrap press, to ensure they will not resurface on the market.

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