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Satlink to upgrade satcoms on 1,500 vessels

Satlink TototheoSatlink has agreed to enhance satellite communications on 1,500 vessels with Inmarsat’s Ka-band service over the next five years. The member of the Tototheo Group will migrate these vessels to Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress service by 2022. This includes a portfolio of merchant ships, offshore, fishing and leisure vessels.

Inmarsat expects Satlink to integrate Fleet Xpress into its existing service portfolio to improve connectivity for the vessels that are transferred to Ka-band services, while keeping L-band as a back up. Inmarsat says the high speed broadband connectivity will enhance crew welfare services and operational efficiency on these vessels.

Inmarsat Maritime president Ronald Spithout believes Fleet Xpress enables the concept of connected ships to become a reality. He added: “We are seeing an unprecedented uptake of the Fleet Xpress service since its launch last year. We are delivering tangible benefits in terms of vessel performance, driving operational efficiencies and improving the wellbeing of the crew.”

The Tototheo Group joint managing director Socrates Theodossiou commented: “With this strategic alliance we look forward to utilising the dependable capabilities of Fleet Xpress for the increasing requirements of our customers in regards to broadband connectivity, and to enhance ship efficiency, crew welfare and the implementation of various connected-ship applications.” He is joint managing director with Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou.

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