Technocrank Hellas Co. - In Sity Crankshafts Grinding

 after1smallTechnocrank Hellas Co. since it was established, operates successfully with fast rates of growth. Our excellent reputation is mainly built on the services that we provided world wide. The keywords that characterize Technocrank Hellas Co. are, reliability, accuracy and safety. These qualities are responsible for our professionalism in the Marine repairs industry.


Technocrank Hellas  co. provides its services around the globe always with the high standards of professionalism that characterized our company since the beginning. More specifically, our company specializes in high precision grinding and/or honing of crankshafts in situ of all types of main engines and auxiliary generators. The well trained personnel of Technocrank Hellas Co. offers guaranteed, fast and economical service.

Below you can see a small sample of our work in various stages of repairs. Click on the thumbnails to view images in full size.

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