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Kaman Specialty Bearings draws on over 50 years of experience and work hand-in-hand with their customers to tailor the optimal bearing for each application. Kaman's advanced research teams continually test and introduce new technologies and materials to support the evolving demands of the industry.

Kaman's operations perform at the same high level as their products. With facilities in the USA, Germany and Czech Republic, it is vital to implement great process and sound automation to ensure quality, reliability, short lead-times, and low cost. At Kaman we invest heavily in formal training of operators, quality inspectors, engineers, and management personnel.

Kaman's field engineers are on-site all over the globe, providing customers with hands-on, immediate support. We assist in the design of new platforms, help solve problems with legacy platforms, and offer new technologies for future offerings. Kaman's inside sales team and design engineers support field engineering and customers with reports, drawings, technical data and unparalleled service levels.

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Wear Strips

Kaman offers multiple types of Wear Strips with each providing unique characteristics to prevent metal to metal wear and fretting damage from sliding or rubbing surfaces. Kaman'S Wear Strips are designed to be bonded onto surfaces as a protective barrier, and are available in standard sizes or custom cut profiles.

Self-Lubricating Bearings


Over the past few decades, the self-lubricating Karon liner systems have been a critical component in commercial and military marine systems around the world due to their high performance and reliability. KAron bearings offer low friction and low wear in military and commercial marine applications such as watertight doors, rudders, and deck support systems. KAron bearings have also been used in marine infrastructure projects such as crane systems and ferry terminal passenger and vehicle ramps.

Kaman's onsite, full service Test and Development Lab can support most development or qualification tests that may be needed for your bearing application. If your test requirements fall outside of our internal capabilities, Kaman can utilize our network of trusted, third party test facilities to provide the performance data that you require.

Features & Benefits

  • High dynamic and static operating load capacity
  • Low, consistent friction
  • Fresh, brackish, or salt water operation
  • Water-exposure or submerged operation, resistant to swelling and dimensional changes
  • Can be applied to a variety of metallic and non-metallic substrates
  • Tested and designed for compatibility with cathodic protection systems
  • 100% maintenance free; no additional lubrication required
  • Long life in a variety of dynamic conditions (anti-fretting, oscillations, rolling, or sliding)
  • Often designed to operate for the life of the system
  • 100% bond, non-peelable
  • Can be applied to complex geometry
  • Liner thickness can be varied over a wide range based on application requirements
  • Allows for post-installation reaming or honing
  • Some liners tested and qualified to SAE AS81934, AS81820, AS8943, and AS85560 self-lubricating bearing standards

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