Exhaust Gas Cleaning System

Clean Marine EGCS is specifically designed to meet the needs of the maritime industry and offers a proven Allstream and Hybrid exhaust gas handling. All exhaust sources can be served by one common EGCS unit, enabling a fast return on investment.
Maritech Group is the exclusive authorized sales office for Greece and Cyprus.

Clean Marine EGCS is a seamless hybrid system which enables both open and closed loop modes of operation. Our system works equally well in open (liquid one time through) and closed (liquid recirculation) modes, in all types of waters and ports without loss of efficiency, within the IMO regulations for to air and sea emissions. Seawater and alkali are used to regulate the sulfur, trapping efficiency in both modes.

Clean Marine EGCS offers the most flexible Open Loop system in the market.
This efficient open loop exhaust gas cleaning system enables vessels to transit from high to low alkalinity and salinity water without loss of SOx cleaning efficacy. The close to neutral pH of the effluent water makes the Clean Marine EGCS a futureproof solution given local regulatory variations and uncertainty.

It is the simple design of the Clean Marine EGCS, serving all exhaust sources on board by one common EGCS unit, which contributes to a fast payback, especially to vessels with multiple exhaust sources. Low power and water requirements. Clean Marine’s scrubber system is the most cost effective and efficient solution to meet IMO Sulphur regulations while it requires low power and water. Moreover, attractive funding solutions are available.

Benefits of Clean Marine

– One system – One fuel

– Allstream (All exhaust sources including Boilers)

– Hybrid (Open & Closed loop)

– Ideal for vessels with many exhaust sources

– Zero Back-Pressure

– Maintain pressure at desired levels at various exhaust load

– Operation in all types of water (without loss of efficiency)

– Easy to install

– Closed loop, where discharge is not allowed

– Scalable and flexible system

– Installation in both new buildings or retrofits

– Dimensioned according to highest practical exhaust load

Main product features

1. Allstream
Main engines, aux. engines and boilers are all served by one single scrubbing unit without any backpressure.
This is achieved by two fans and a unique gas recirculation device.

More Analytically:
Two fans with capacity in excess of exhaust production prevents pressure to build up.
An open nozzle ring allows gas to pass between raw gas and clean gas side.
The combined effect of fans and nozzle ring ensure that pressure in manifold is +/- 0
Pressure detector in manifold activate bypass if exceeding preset values

2.Open Loop
Exceptional Open Loop system that enables vessels to transit from high to low alkalinity and salinity water without loss of SOx cleaning efficiency

3.Zero–discharge mode
The system can be designed to run in zero-discharge mode (closed loop) to cater for potential restrictions in certain ports and areas. The holding tank will store the process water and is dimensioned for the ship’s required flexibility.

4.Cleaned Exhaust
Tamper-free analyzer is continuously monitoring the SO2/CO2 ratio and compliance is logged together with GPS position of the vessel.

5.Trapping Sox & particles
The patented wet Advanced Vortex Chamber” is combined
with two powerful fans to achieve outstanding trapping efficiency for Sulphur (SOx) as well as soot and ash particles (PM-Particulate Matter).


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