A. Makarian company, continues the project of "MERKOURIOS MAKARIAN S.A." who was the pioneer founder in 1960 in Greece upon fuel injection systems.

From 2000 the company expanded to new owned facilities and continues through the 45 years of knowledge and experience on the nautical area.

Its purpose is to achieve the best possible concerning vessel machinery, and ship pumps. Suggested by the largest nautical and industrial companies on Greek area, it ensures trust and guarantee in search of different methods and techniques.


In Stock any Fuel Injection Part requested.
Any part that is not in stock can be delivered in 48 hours. Nozzles, Valves, Spares for Nozzles Bodies.

BOSCH Machinery
Our collaboration for over 45 years with BOSCH HELLAS is the absolute solution to any problem by examination and pumps rectification.
Pump rectification and modification according to the manufacturer's modification and examination card (BOSCH - M.T.U. - ZEXEL).
The pump is delivered over BOSCH's volumetric.

BOSCH SILVER batteries of closed type

  • 100% Life Maintenance
  • 30% More Life
  • 30% More Start Energy



 Address: Methonis 85 - 07,
Postcode: 185 45
City: Piraeus
Tel: 210 4615946, 210 4615272
Fax: 210 4627044
Website: www.mmakarian.gr