Maritech Group, established in 1977, is an engineering and manufacturing company, that offers to the shipping industry trustworthy Spares Parts and Machinery and superior Environmental Technologies.
For more than 40 years Maritech Group operates 3 divisions, fully dedicated & specialized to its competent sector.

Environmental solutions that enable vessels comply with all enacted & future maritime regulations. We stand by our clients to solve maritime environmental challenges with products of high quality, specially designed to meet your needs. We supply exhaust gas cleaning systems, Ballast Water Treatment Systems and other products.

We are one of the world's largest suppliers for plate heat exchanger's parts, offering a 360° support including parts, maintenance, training and after sales support WE MANUFACTURE Fresh Water Distiller & Plate Heat Exchanger Parts Titanium Plates, Gaskets and Spare Parts WE PROVIDE Spare Parts: Plates Heat Exchanger (PHE) | Fresh Water Generators (FWG - Evaporators) |Brazed Heat Exchangers (BPHE)| Pumps |Separators |Main & Aux. Engines.

Combining technical knowledge and numerous maintenance projects, Maritech Group obtained the overall expertise in the spare parts supply and maintenance of Plate Heat Exchangers and Fresh Water Distillers (Evaporators), achieving to become one of the world's leading service providers. Recondition of Plate Heat Exchangers | Creation of Rotation Plate Pack |Reinforcement of Plates | Re-Gasketing

Plate Heat Exchangers, Fresh Water Generators,  Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance, Fresh Water Generators Maintenance, Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (Scrubbers), Ballast Water Treatment Systems, Manufacture Fresh Water Distiller & Plate Heat Exchanger Parts, Maritime Engineering Services,  Supply Plates & Gaskets and other parts for Maritime industry





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