Cygnus Instruments Ltd

Cygnus Instruments Ltd is the leading manufacturer of ultrasonic thickness gauges employing the Cygnus-Pioneered Multiple-Echo technique to give accurate, error-checked metal thickness measurements through protective coatings.

Cygnus Instruments have also incorporated Single-Echo and Echo-Echo measuring modes into their new range of ultrasonic thickness gauges which can assist in obtaining measurements in areas of extreme corrosion or back wall pitting.
Cygnus Instruments have two types of ultrasonic thickness gauges, underwater thickness gauge which includes the:
• Wrist-mountable Cygnus DIVE underwater ultrasonic thickness gauge with its bright AMOLED display
• RINA type approved hand-held underwater thickness gauge depth rated up to 300 meters
• Mini ROV mountable gauge designed to be mounted onto small observation ROVs
• Cygnus ROV mountable series, one depth rated to 2,000 meters and the other to 4,000 meters.
And surface ultrasonic thickness gauges which includes:
• ATEX certified intrinsically safe thickness gauge for use in explosive environments
• Hands free models with an end-mounted OLED display designed for rope access / belt mounted applications, and offering Multiple-Echo, Echo-Echo and Single-Echo measuring modes
• Two general purpose gauges, the standard gauge using only the Multiple-Echo technique and the PLUS gauge using Multiple-Echo, Echo-Echo and Single-Echo measuring modes as well as other features such as data logging and an A-scan display
• Cygnus 6+ PRO offering features such as Multiple-Echo, Echo-Echo and Single-Echo measuring modes, A-scan and B-scan display, comprehensive data logging, Bluetooth connectivity, plus much more.
In addition to thickness gauges, Cygnus also carries an ultrasonic hatch cover leak detector for testing weather tightness of hatch covers.



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