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Comet - Marine Distress Signals

cometComet was established over 50 years ago, and is supported by world-class distributors in all major ports. Its pyrotechnic products are approved globally and are manufactured in compliance with the latest SOLAS / Marine Equipment Directive (MED)
requirements. Our products are trusted for their reliability and consistent superiority by rescue services, navies, merchant ships and fishing fleets throughout the world.

1s-red-parachute-rocketCOMET LINE THROWING DEVICE

The Comet line throwing device is a self contained, single shot, line throwing appliance that is fully compliant to the latest international SOLAS/MED and USCG legislation and meets worldwide approval standards.
A solid propellant rocket is used which guarantees a highly accurate flight path - even in strong winds. It is suitable for all line throwing operations at sea between vessels, ship-to-shore, shore-to-ship and shorebased rescue services

2s-handflareThe light and smoke signal is maintenance free, and designed to be fitted and forgotten, thanks to its automatic release mechanism. When operated, it indicates lifebuoy position using pyrotechnics and high intensity light. It is particularly useful in an emergency to mark the position of a man overboard. The dense orange smoke is emitted for 15 minutes, and two lithium powered lights produce a minimum of two candela for two hours.  This combined light and smoke lifebuoy marker far exceeds SOLAS/MED requirements.

Comet’s 15 minute Smoke Signal is an orange smoke man overboard lifebuoy marker which is identical to the light smoke signal, but without the lighting system. It is a day signal which can be attached to a lifebuoy (not supplied) and used in an emergency to mark the position of a man overboard.

3s-light-smoke-signalSHORT RANGE RED HANDFLARE
For use in day or night, the compact Red Handflare is a short range distress signal used to pinpoint position. Its unique, compact, telescopic handle ensures safe and easy handling under all conditions thanks to its pull wire firing mechanism. It produces a 15,000 candela flare which burns for 60 seconds and its compact design makes it ideal for easy stowage.
The Red Parachute signal rocket is part of Comet’s marine distress signals range and ejects at an altitude of 300m burning for 40 seconds. It is designed to withstand exceptional environmental exposure and to perform reliably even after immersion in water. Particular features include improved grip for easy handling and it conforms to SOLAS 74/88. It is for use in day and night long range distress signal situations.

The buoyant Smoke Signal Orange is a compact, flat-top day-time orange smoke distress signal providing effective position marking or indication of wind direction during rescue operations. Safe to use even on oil covered water, this signal is designed to a minimum size and weight making it ideal for stowage in life rafts.


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