GENME S.A. - Marine & Industrial Repairs & Services

crankshaftThe Company has been established in 1969, with the express objective of providing specialist mechanical engineering services to shipping and to a wide range of industries.

Privately owned 4,500sq.m. site, located between Athens industrial area and Piraeus harbour - Shipping repair zone, with a plant of 16,000cu.m. volume, 1000 KVA electric power, accommodating necessary facilities and equipment.

Capability ranging from the fabrication and assembly of parts to the refurbishment of components and equipment and to the manufacture of "customer designed" products for specific engineering requirements.

Mechanical engineering expertise combined with reliability and firm commitment to the standing policy of providing quality products and professional ongoing services throughout the duration of each project.

Our Services
  • Diesel engine main and auxiliary maintenance and repair.
  • Ship auxiliary machinery-including deck machinery maintenance and repair.
  • Engine and marine component refurbishing.
  • Crankshaft and crosshead grinding, super finishing.
  • Crankshaft in-situ grinding, super finishing.
  • Bearing remetalling.
  • Trimetallic bearing manufacturing.
  • Cylinder honing.
  • Diesel engine piston crown, cylinder head, valve weld building up, reconditioning, exchanging.
  • Engine bedplate, foundation and shaft system alignment.
  • Drydocking mechanical engineering works.
  • Auxiliary machinery turbine reblading.
  • Heat exchanging equipment repairing.
  • Diesel engine piston ring supplying.
  • Hydraulic press manufacturing.
  • Livestock fodder preparing equipment manufacturing.
  • Industrial overhead crane manufacturing.





Genme SA - Marine & Industrial Products - Services

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