TURBONATIONAL Turbochargers Repairs

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With experience since 1975 in the turbochargers section and now under a new surname in our privately owned warehouse of with all the necessary equipment our trained technicians can provide you with reliable service on demand at any time and place.

Turbo repairs, spares, supply, fit and service since 1975. Worldwide spares, service and repairs for  MAN, MET, ABB Turbos, Napier, MAN, Mitsubishi MET, KBB, PBS Turbo.

We cover any turbo installation where industrial turbos need to run efficiently and reliably including DYNAMIC BALLANCING from 3 upto 3000kg.

Our experience includes major shipping and fleet operators, cruise ships, naval clients, off-shore platforms, power generation plants and locomotives.

We will always be able to diagnose and repair your turbo issues, most of the time we will also show you exactly how we have performed that job before. This will give you the confidence to rely on us for all your turbo needs.


TURBONATIONAL Turbochargers Repairs
Address: 1 Ilias and Tripoleos, Perama, Piraeus, Greece
Telephone: +30 210 4014250-4
Fax:  +30 210 4014255
Website: www.turbonational.gr