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seaxl180x120Seaxl Marine Software develops inexpensive and practical management reporting software designed specifically for the needs of shipping companies. Our experience of the marine industry stretches back over 40 years, and encompasses all areas of the company environment:

accounting and finance, crewing, technical, operations and freight collection, legal and secretarial, chartering and organisation.

Using our hands-on experience of how the information process should flow through any complex shipping company environment we have creatively designed and implemented marine management tools and information reporting systems to meet any shipping company’s needs, both ashore and onboard the ships.

Our Mission
Increase productivity and manage costs with user-friendly solutions
We strive to use our industry expertise to help shipping companies control their management and finances effectively, seamlessly and simply.

Our products
Ready-to-use tools tailored for shipping
We understand that in a busy, complex shipping environment you need software that works for you, that your staff will take to naturally, that won’t create extra work.
Our out-of-the-box, turnkey software offers shipping companies the building blocks for:
- greater efficiency and accuracy in operations
- a seamless working environment across departments
- better communication between staff working for a shared goal and understanding

Our Software         
black box big invest in shipsSeaxl Invest in Ships
Check out any ship deal instantly with “Back of a Cigarette pack” calculation!
Data relating to the purchase / finance / operation / major repairs / surveys / employment of any ship deal, are entered on a single - easy to complete Data Input

Sheet, which can provide an instant evaluation showing whether the deal is worthwhile pursuing or not.

small boxes footer cashflowSeaxl CashFlow
You have capital commitments in your new building projects, you buy and sell ships, you need to drydock and finance the fleet, you need to inject equity...

Seaxl CashFlow gives you the power to evaluate the impact of your daily decisions on your business..
TC rates, OPEX, Surveys... all bases covered
Seaxl CashFlow factors in all information essential to any maritime company: TC rates, TC dates, commissions, OPEX, off hire and due dates, surveys, purchase and sale of ships, newbuilding projects, financing and repayments, real estate purchases etc.   View more

small boxes footer ships budgetsSeaxl Ships Budgets
Intelligent software to compile consistent and professional fleet budgets with no fuss, minimal workload and immediate results.
Control and monitor costs
With Seaxl Ships Budgets you get a clear overview of your company’s OPEX, instant access to each department’s budget, and detailed analysis of costs and performance.
Easy, affordable performance analysis
Seaxl Ships Budgets is perfectly tailored for shipping companies and makes it really simple to analyse performance.
Compare projections against actual results, make judgemental adjustments to any material variances that arise, increase efficiency and control over your departments.  View more

small boxes footer mgaSeaxl Masters General Account
A simple system for preparing Masters General Accounts
A time-saving, efficient tool for your Masters to prepare their portage bills with no stress

No more agonising about the “Dreaded Portage Bill”

Seaxl’s Masters General Account makes it quick and simple for your Masters to manage shipboard payroll and other administrative tasks using a consistent methodology, meaning less stress all round.
Greater efficiency on board
Seaxl’s Masters General Account import/export unique utility means your shore-based accounting staff can do all the groundwork for preparing the Master’s account, reducing the administrative burden for the Masters and leaving them more time to get on with running the ship.  View more

black box big company secretarySeaxl Company Secretary
Track your companies, legal records, documentation and activity with one simple and effective administration system.
Never lose track of a company again

Whether active, dormant or incorporated on the fly and never used, Seaxl Company Secretary records every last detail of each of your companies - Company Officers,

Shareholders Register, Transfers Register, Activities Database, Registered Offices and Agents and much more. Better governance with up-to-date documentation records
Records all Statutory Documents, Minutes of Meetings, Activities and Investments, Mortgages and Charges, Bank Mandates and much more for each company within your Group.  View more

small boxes footer the shipSeaxl The Ship
Minutely detailed and easy-to-understand financial history of each ship and your group fleet - from purchase to sale and everything in between
Complete, precise audit trail for accurate accounting transactions

Seaxl The Ship provides a convenient and inexpensive way to build a detailed set of financial records for each ship in your fleet, giving your accounting staff quick access to correct and current information from which to compile their transactions. No more chasing information from different department and using unreliable data. Automatic calculations to assist staff
Calculation of interim and final depreciation and impairment, factoring in purchase, initial costs, additional post delivery capital costs, sale of the ship.
Calculation of amortisation of the Special and Interim Survey Costs based on the last Class certificate issued and expiry dates and the respective contributions to the daily operating costs.  View more

Clarity and control
We want you to Hit the Ground Running. Our tools manage the complexity of shipping but keep it simple for you the client enabling you to quickly and effortlessly gain a clear vision and tight control over costs and operations.

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