Hellenic Shipbrokers Association

hsa-viewFounded in 1975 it is clearly a professional, non profit-making, organisation which has as targets:

-The coordination of certain actions in order to protect its members' benefits.
-The promotion and improvement of the right functioning of the Hellenic Shipbrokers' profession.

-The coordination and development of Shipping subjects in combination with the Ministry of Merchant Marine, the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping, the Union of Greek Shipowners, the Greek Agents Associations etc.


Our Association established in Piraeus 1975 and counts approximately 350 members.
The main activities of our members are Chartering and Sale and Purchase.

The Hellenic Shipbrokers' Association (H.S.A),has always been interested in the continuous education of its members. Although the educational level of the last decades is already very high. Particularly the education of the Great Majority members of the recent years are at least of Shipping University or very often Master's level.

The Association avails a Chartering a Sale and Purchase and an Education Committee which are very active in their duties by solving disputes arising within the Shipbroking practice, they are also charged with the Association's documentary duties, together with our legal advisor.

The Sale and Purchase Broker-members are also very active and are involved in Global Transactions.
Our statistics show that of the total number of finalized transactions:
- On 65% our members acted as sole brokers between Sellers and Buyers
- Roughly 1/3 of the Transactions were concluded with direct foreign Buyers.
- Approximately 1/4 with Direct Foreign Sellers

The Tankers' chartering activity is still low in Greece as well as derivatives. On the other hand, the dry cargo is extremely active.

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