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hellas-divers-viewHellas Divers is specialized in Nauto-Diving, Diving works especially for Vessels. All kind of diving works that divers should have special knowledge in order to carry out works in vessels as Inspections, Cleaning, Repairs etc. otherwise certain times exist danger to occur accident.

Essential precondition to avoid an accident, apart from the experienced of this type of divers, proportionally experienced, must be and the crew of the vessel.

Usually Nauto-diving works carried out at anchorage (or at port) using a Nauto-diving Boat.
Nauto-diving Boat is equipped with all the necessary equipment/gear to carry out all the necessary works at a vassel, like compressors, hydraulic systems (pumps-motors-hoses cleaning units), cameras, welding and cutting (machines & torches), plugs, etc.


  • ► In-Water Surveys
  • ► Underwater Inspections
  • ► Maitenance
  • ► Repairs
  • ► Measurements
  • ► Salvage
  • ► Search & Recovery
  • ► N.D.T
  • ► Underwater Installation at Vessel

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