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At 1999 having worked 17 years as Servicing Marine Engineer and 8 years as Sup/Engineer seeing the rapid changes of technology swimming and conceiving the future needs for an office marine operator in his daily work through direct and free information, puts as an objective to create an internet Global platform, dedicated exclusively to professionals of the global maritime community where it could be possible to quickly find Free of charge correct information, products and services, as well be quickly updated with the news in shipping community worldwide.

Infomarine On-Line was created in 1999 in Piraeus Greece and to date with the appropriate technical staff offers services exclusively only to marine companies in the field .
Marketing & promotion in Maritime – (SEO, PPC, Banner Marketing), Website Design and Development, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Marketing tools, Application Development, Creations and Marketing Solutions, Social Media, E-shopping and much more.....

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Technical Fleet Director at CAPITAL SHIP MANAGEMENT CORP.
Employed 2006 upto today.
Capital Ship Management Corp. ('Capital'​) is a progressive and dynamic ship management and marine service provider. Capital manages a fleet of more than 50 vessels, including the vessels of Nasdaq-listed Capital Product Partners L.P. (CPLP). Capital has extensive experience in managing various vessel types and sizes including all Tanker segments, Dry bulk segments, and Containers.

Technical Fleet Sup/Engineer at General Maritime Corporation
Company Name General Maritime Corporation.
Dates Employed 2001 – 2006 Employment Duration 5 yrs Location Piraeus Greece.

Technical Fleet Sup/Engineer at Iolcos Hellenic Maritime Enterprises
Company Name Iolcos Hellenic Maritime Enterprises.
Dates Employed 1991 – 2001 Employment Duration 10 yrs Location Kiffisia Athens Greece.

Technical Fleet Sup/Engineer at Adriatic Tankers Shipping Co
Company Name Adriatic Tankers Shipping Co
Dates Employed 1990 – 1991 Employment Duration 1 yr Location Piraeus, Greece

Servicing as Marine Engineer
Company Name Greek Shipping Companie's
Dates Employed 1974 – 1991 Employment Duration 17 yrs
Serving as engineer from 1974 up to 1991 on bulkcarriers, and tankers, as apprentice, third, second, & chief engineer. Since 1984 holder of class A engineer licence (Chief engineer).

Sincerely yours
George Ioannidis
Founder & CEO