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IMO MEPC-1-CIRC-864 Fuel Sampling

The objective of these Guidelines is to establish an agreed method for sampling to enable effective control and enforcement of liquid fuel oil being used on board ships under the provisions of MARPOL Annex VI...

EMSA - Sulphur Inspection Guidance 2015 07

This document is intended to provide guidance for a harmonised approach to the inspection of ships, ascertaining their compliance, identifying non-compliances and applying control procedures for the enforcement of Council Directive 1999/32/EC, as regards the sulphur content of marine fuels (hereafter referred to as ‘the Directive’)...

DNV GL EMSA Study on the use of Fuel Cells in Shipping 2017 01

This study was initiated to provide the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) with a technical assessment on the use of fuel cells in shipping that, being supported by a technology overview and risk-based analysis, will evaluate their potential and constraints as prime movers and energy sources in shipping.